We invite you to the opening of the Building of the Year 2019 exhibition

You are invited to the opening of the large exhibition – BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2019, where you will be able to see a building plan and a design of revitalization of Perla 01, the brownfield in Ústí nad Orlicí, nominated for the title of the Urban Project of the Year 2019. The revitalized Perla is designed as a part of the city infrastructure and it offers different comprehensive uses meeting expectations and needs of citizens in Ústí nad Orlicí with the needs of comprehensive city development. The system used eliminates premature demolitions, ensures continuity in urban structure development and continuing potential for development on all economic, social and cultural levels. Its ability to continuously adapt to changing needs and possibilities of the city, its population and business segment as well as its economic feasibility are particularly important aspects of the designed concept. Economic feasibility of the concept is based on flexible stages of the reconstruction as well as on using a wide range of funding sources – private, public provided by the city and up to the state and European funding as well as standard commercial credit project funding.


Find more details about the opening at Building of the Year 2019.