In several stages, the internal periphery of the Prague city is being transformed into a new and comprehensive district providing comfortable, high-standard housing

We have designed a new architectural and urban structure dividing Vackov into different quarters and creating passages between local building standards and built-up areas. Our master plan used to build a new Vackov district determines the structure of the public space and the nature of respective localities. Zones B and D in the north-east are connected to the original villa quarter in the east. Zone B consists of 11 apartment buildings arranged around the open inner courtyard. The Street of Olga Havlová – a backbone of the locality – is a connection to the zone D2 consisting of 11 apartment buildings: these create smaller semi-closed inner courtyards based on “low rise, high density” principle. Public areas in this group are characterized by full-grown vegetation and geometrically arranged undeveloped and undevelopable areas. Zone D1 consists of three five-storey villas. Their rounded forms are in line with surrounding buildings. These villas were built in order to create a peaceful oasis isolated from busy streets. Construction of the zone A is in progress at present: it is connected to the Žižkov Railway Station where a new residential district with long awaited amenities will be built in future. Zone A consists of three residential units and a square, the imaginary centre of Vackov: basic amenities and dynamic public space will be present at Vackov as well ensuring its independence from still uncertain development of the freight railway station. Zone A1 – the westernmost part of Vackov – consists of five residential buildings including amenities on the main floor built on the common platform of underground parking connected to the Street of Olga Havlová.


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