Construction of the first stage and revitalization of Jinonický dvůr according to our design and project proceed as planned

Renovation and complementation of Jinonický dvůr have been designed and are implemented in three stages. Twenty exceptional apartments were designed within the first stage. These apartments will offer up-to-date housing in the vicinity of the Jinonický dvůr cultural monument. They are connected with the historical settlement through public and semi-private area of attached front gardens. The shell building was completed o 27 January 2020 and the construction is in progress. The second stage is represented by complete renovation and revitalization of the historical yard where several exclusive apartments were designed in a direct touch with the history of the place. Among other things, this stage includes the restoration of the local 18th century brewery, preservation of recently uncovered historical fortress and restoration of the faded genius loci. The third and last stage includes five modern villas. These will connect the area of Jinonický dvůr with the rest of locality and complement the existing residential structure with a dynamic public space where the history and present are combined in a unique complex.