V sousedství centra města Náchod jsme navrhli atraktivní veřejný prostor a uhlíkově neutrální polyfunkční výstavbu

A new competition was lauched this year, which sought proposals for a new masterplan in an area known as ‘Nová Tepna’ (New Tepna) in the town of Náchod, in the Hradec Králové Region of the Czech Republic. Although we did not win this competition we believe that the regeneration of this area is of vital importance to the city, for both residents and visitors alike.


The competition site was previously an industrial area and is currently an unused brownfield site in an attractive location in the centre of town, which lies directly below the castle hill. The site is currently redundant after demolition of most of the buildings from the former textile factory. New Tepna is intended to be an opportunity to showcase the best of Czech urbanism and be proof of the public sector to solve complex post-industrial urban areas. The aim of the competition was to create a lively and people-focused design linked to the historic centre, which would not compete with it but rather provide functions that currently threaten it – these may include extending new pedestrian routes through the town and providing additional parking, an area which is currently causing problems for the city.


In our design proposal, we created an economically realistic masterplan with a balanced combination of public space, greenery, residential buildings and some areas for services and light industry. The new district aims to provide residents with attractive housing, job opportunities and a range of leisure activities. Our design placed an emphasis on the ability of scheme to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs and opportunities of the city, its inhabitants and business.


We believe it is important for the new district to ensure it has demographic diversity from the beginning which will be will be encouraged by having a range of social uses including a home for the elderly, a kindergarten and start-up housing for young families. These will be accompanied by apartment buildings of various sizes and standards, office spaces, retail and hospitality units, a medical center, an educational or conference center and light industrial facilities. High quality public spaces which promote sports and leisure activities will also play an important role in the design of the new district.