Stavbaweb.cz writes about our new guest house where construction will start this year

Architects Tomáš Filgas, Simona Matoušková, Pavel Hřebecký and Michal Šourek designed a pair of buildings for the Kvilda guest house in the heart of the Šumava National Park. The new development will be built at the foot of the ski resort in the eponymous and highest village in the Czech Republic.


"The morphology of both buildings creatively develops the archetype of the Šumava cottage with gabled roofs and a palette of traditional materials, but at the same time we were not afraid to experiment," says architect Tomáš Filgas. The sober expression of the mountain guesthouse is a sympathetic combination of the architectural traditions of Šumava and modern architecture. The accent of the distinctive wooden battens, wooden cladding and stone soffits together with the dormers, generous windows and recessed balconies form imaginative, yet modest facades, which sensitively co-create the genius loci of the village of Kvilda.