Hloubětín Residential Park designed by our studio is a part of the Building of the Quarter-Century project

Hloubětín residential park is the first passive energy project of this size in the Czech Republic. We made use of the potential of the then problematic area and thanks to the configuration of new buildings isolated it from the petrol station and the busy slip road in the neighbourhood. Applying sophisticated architectural and landscape approach, a public park was created and articulated using an architectural form of harmoniously structured façades and their plasticity based on a combination of exposed wall and loggia areas. Human standards and well-arranged materials are the basis for identification of inhabitants and visitors with a new area. The quality of apartment interior is significantly higher compared to regular new buildings – controlled ventilation with heat recuperation improves the quality of dwelling. The construction took place in three stages with one apartment building constructed in each stage. The jury of 13th year of the national competition, “2014 Czech Energetic and Ecological Project”, awarded the Hloubětín Park as a significant residential complex in Prague applying elements of passive energy architecture and improving environment in the Czech Republic.


For more details see the Building of the Quarter-Century