We propose plans for a high speed rail terminal in Prague

Our recent design for a new transport terminal in Prague serving the first high-speed train line in the Czech Republic is based on a dynamic and welcoming concept. The proposed new station at Prague East, known as Praha východ station will operate as a transfer point for routes to Brno and Hradec Králové and local buses. The proposal aims to be a catalyst for development in the area and a hub connecting existing office developments, shopping centres and small industrial areas. The new terminal will enable passengers to begin their journey without first travelling into the centre of Prague, therefore reducing unnecessary congestion and pollution in the city. The development connects the nearby towns of Nehvizdy, and the villages of Vyšehořovice, Horoušany and Jirny and walking trails, forest parks, and sports activities are easily reacheable.


The proposed design features a sculptural and organic structure which stretches over the planned high speed line, connecting the main terminal with the platforms. The building which is designed to be carbon neutral connects the surrounding landscape with its fluid structure and green roof. The layout has an emphasis on easy orientation and comfort for passengers; whereas externally convenienty located bus stops, drop off points and parking ensure connections are as seamless as possible. New landscaping and quality public space integrates the new development with its surroundings which focus on reflecting the countryside nearby.