This year in May, the work on an extensive forest park will start in Bohumín in accordance with our study

In the north-east, Bohumín is lined by the farm land within the active floodplain zone of the Olše and Odra Rivers. The area problematic in terms of hydrogeology with a dead channel of the river is currently unused. The entire south tip of the territory enters the urban structure as a hardly accessible inner periphery being a barrier preventing local development and an obstacle between eastern and western part of the city. The zoning plan for recovery and ensuring accessibility of the entire area was designed by MS plan. We are converting complicated area below the meander of the river into an attractive zone – composed landscape, diversified natural park connected with the city by several paths and a walking track. The central part is created by the land art of two uphills enriching flat character of the locality. Gazebos and small shelters to relax and have a rest will be situated on uphills and in an open area between them.


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