Valuable Middle Age wall paintings were discovered in course of the complete reconstruction and adaptation designed by our studio of nine historical buildings on the Staroměstské (Old Town) square in Prague

NHI published the following: Until now, Middle Age wall paintings had been uncovered at the U Sixtů palace in Staroměstské square. Reconstruction of the major part of the block lining the south part of the Staroměstské square and marked by Železná, Kamzíková a Celetná streets has undoubtedly been one of the largest and most monitored construction projects in one of the most valuable parts of the protected heritage area in Prague for last decades. Recent finds made at the construction site in April 2020 significantly deepen our knowledge on the form, importance and value of this valuable historical house (Fig. 1). These finds were made possible only because of constructive cooperation of all stakeholders - the investor (Akroterion), designer (MS Architekti), construction companies (VCES), preservationist, restorer and architectural historian.


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