Glosa Michala Šourka

Climate change is a reality, as well as the human involvement in it. There is a lack of real science considering this issue: activism prevails. Incoming glacial period that will act against the anthropogenic temperature rise is also real: however, this does not mean that we should not deal with our externalities and irresponsible consumption. Current climate alarmism – Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg – all mostly the progressivist policy projects – are based on a particular manual: find your group (preferably on the basis of demography) – make them believe that they are victims and that they are being oppressed – find an enemy – convince the group that they must rebel – suggest social engineering measures which establish the group’s rights – make profit! Good, although naive intentions of people who join climate movements are exploited. Politicians and significant economic entities do not have any right to be naive, though: if they declare support for goals and methods of activists, it is necessary to condemn their effort to gain their share of profit from progressivist policy.