Earch.cz reports that Jinonice Court will offer modern living with a touch of history

The sensitive revitalization of Jinonice Court, under which the AU plan studio is working, will offer modern living with an insight into centuries of history that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding of resident. Thanks to the close cooperation of architects, investors and conservationists, the connection between history and contemporary architecture creates a spectacular, non-traditional place to live in the context of the whole of Prague. Apartment buildings, studios and retail spaces will be built in the area.


The revitalization of the cultural monument, the original Schwarzenberg estate and the historic core of Jinonice will take place in three stages. When Jinonický Dvůr was owned by the Schwarzenberg family, a large barn existed where our team of architects have proposed the construction of the first stage consisting two three-storey houses with twenty exclusive apartments. Both new buildings are built in the spirit of classic materials made up of wood, metal, concrete and glass which follow the historical outlines of the original farm building which help return Jinonický Dvor to its original form, complemented by the expression of contemporary architecture.


The construction of the second stage of the historic courtyard itself began in October last year with the aim of saving a cultural monument, breathing new life into it, offering above-standard living with a unique atmosphere and, last but not least, creating a sympathetic public space. Residents will feel at home with all modern amenities together with a sense of living in history. Thanks to the sensitive reconstruction and modest addition of the yard, 46 atypical apartments, studios and retail spaces will be created which should be ready for people to move into next year.


For those for whom even generous apartments in Jinonický Dvor would not be enough, our architects have also designed the third stage which includes five modern villas that boast contemporary design along with classic architecture. The villas honour the exceptional genius loci of the area and complement it with sustainable architecture reflecting the demands of 21st century life.