Deník E15: Climbing wall, cycle path, summer theater. This will be the public space of Nový Smíchov

The unkempt surroundings of Smíchov Train Station will change next year. The new city district of Smíchov City will be enriched in the future by a high-quality public space, which will be intersected by a central boulevard composed as a linear park designed by the MS plan studio. See what the street will look like in visualizations. “The Green Artery seamlessly connects the northern residential and southern commercial areas and prevents the formation of an inner periphery at the point of the green boundary, which creates pairs of parks oriented perpendicular to the boulevard. Various functions and activities are embedded in the green areas so that the parks are not single-purpose and only ornamental, but offer a rich selection of leisure activities, ”explains the project authors.

For more information, click here https://www.e15.cz/magazin/horolezecka-stena-cyklostezka-letni-divadlo-tak-bude-vypadat-verejny-prostor-noveho-smichova-1365620?fbclid=IwAR0kc8mCGIJrVs3u7GP4kgYRxZhnLMSYbk-XD7PlTTi6Xr16VzKEn6vF9WY