On October 14, 2019, our design of the public space at the central part of a new Smíchov City will be available in the CAMP, Prague

A green pedestrian boulevard is the central artery of the Smíchov City under construction in the area of the brownfield at the Smíchov Railway Station. This interactive boulevard interconnects the northern residential and the southern commercial part. The main challenge is to create a dynamic public space saturated with various activities and at the same time quiet relaxation corners that will connect both parks. When the two built-up areas are separated by a strip of vegetation as in the zoning plan, an inner periphery could be created. This threat may be eliminated only through a really attractive and active public place woven with the central boulevard. Rich vegetation of both city parks is complemented with multi-purpose areas for relaxation, cultural and social events; stall sales and attractive meeting places. “Attraction” from parks penetrates to the profile of the boulevard itself as well as to the Náměstí Ringhofferových (Square) through the playground for children and sports ground, outdoor gym, amphitheatre and relaxation meadows with a summer coffee bar pavilion.


For more info on the meeting with a newly formed Smíchov City at CAMP in Prague click HERE.