Nová Šatovka Senior Centre Nová Šatovka Senior Centre

Nová Šatovka Senior Centre

Šárecké Valley is a green oasis and the place for sports in Prague. In the sought after residential area, Šatovka, an abandoned homestead is located. Its conversion and rehabilitation is an opportunity to create an attractive public urban area.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Eliška Chlachulová
Jan Novotný

The Senior Centre we have designed is not only a place for accommodation and sanctuary for elderly – it is also a place for meeting. Inclusion in society is an important factor of quality of life in elderly population and at the same time, it is a basic aspect of a vital public space and sustainable development of the residential structure. It is an ambition of our competition design to create such locality in the context of the unique natural framework for future inhabitants of Šatovka as well as to rehabilitate public area for the capital city and its population. Services that will contribute to the quality of life for seniors will also become a part of the shared structure of the new centre. The services are concentrated in the former main building of the homestead – adapted and extended for “new life”. Apartments for seniors and a group of children are located in a new, annular highly horizontally oriented building articulating stories of social community. The new building gives an impression of the public atrium easily accessible through the open passage and providing place for front gardens of apartments, semi-private recesses and small recreational areas. Both buildings are integrated in the network of public and semi-private spaces, and connected with a large wooded area of the rocky Šárecké Valley and the vital capital city.