Ohrada apartment building Ohrada apartment building

Ohrada apartment building

The corner of the Ohrada crossroad was transformed into a new, pleasant square moving the public space of the Koněvova Street - the main artery connecting Žižkov with the city centre - up to the next level. The public space is articulated by dynamic architecture of the new residence as well as a detail of street façade forms. The new square offers new opportunities for social activities from “farmers' markets” to street concerts or meeting neighbours.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký
Tomáš Filgas
Simona Matoušková
Kseniya Bahdanovich

The apartment building will provide quality housing in the locality with excellent transport accessibility near the Vítkov park, semi-public green inner courtyard for relaxation and making free time more pleasant not only for new residents, semi-private front gardens, balconies and terraces with a view of Parukářka, Židovské pece, Invalidovna, Jewish memorial and the park in Vítkov which is becoming a welcomed part of new structures. Future owners of new apartments and residents in the wider area will appreciate amenities that have been lacked in the locality for the long time - a grocery offering full range of goods and convenience goods or the pleasant area of new cafés and restaurants in the active parterre.

Public surveys confirm that Prague citizens do not object new quality construction in general and they even support it. But not in their neighbourhood: if this is the case, they often and resolutely protest. The intended construction of the Ohrada apartment building aroused positive emotions in residents of neighbouring apartment buildings and houses in the public discussion and project introduction early in 2020. The audience said: “It has to be said that it is a very nice, city-forming project”. Public discussion participants appreciated the complex approach of architects and the developer, preservation and cultivation of the present improvised car parking area, new square and better connection of Koněvova Street with Vítkov Park.