Revitalization of the outskirts of historical Trenčín Revitalization of the outskirts of historical Trenčín

Revitalization of the outskirts of historical Trenčín

This project focused on new public spaces in the modern suburb of the historical city of Trenčín. Our proposal both respected and was inspired by the rich history of the area, where new sustainable interventions defined revitalized spaces for meeting and relaxing in the city. The scheme included new squares which were formed with interactive areas, a park, new landscaping along the main avenues including spots for relaxing, and a pop-up venue on the roof of a large building at the former garrison club.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký
Kateřina Holotová
František Průša
Nick Anthony Duero
Júlio Costa
Kseniya Bahdanovich

Our proposal seeks to regenerate the main streets with new lighting and street furniture to improve public surveillance and safety, and provide welcoming public areas which can be used for café and restaurant seating, and occasional markets. Connectivity is important to the area and a new bike path and public transport stop is integrated into the plan. The interesting history of the area is referenced in the design of two areas at the site, which are linked to cultural and social events. The main ‘Divadelní’ (Theatre) square in the south of the site is intersected with a line of uncovered historical finds which become the main feature of the urban design. In the north part of the site, near the municipality’s offices and marriage hall, the remains of the town’s historical fortifications were incorporated into a new small square. The microclimate of the different parts of the site were taken into consideration with its planning – materials, outdoor furniture, trees and water features are all used to regulate the outdoor environment and provide comfortable spaces.