Revitalization of the centre in Středokluky Revitalization of the centre in Středokluky

Revitalization of the centre in Středokluky

This historical village, currently divided into three centres, lacks dynamic public space, community centre and clear arrangement of buildings. Respecting significance of the history our design of the public space is not revolutionary but rather evolutionary. We are not changing the structure of the village but supporting its development. It is the genius loci of the village square and historical centre we are trying to recover with the location and extension of the primary school and kindergarten in Školská street. Calming the traffic in the street and relocating the bus stop created a safe and interactive street for pupils and a new community square in the front area of the gym.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký
Kateřina Holotová
Kseniya Bahdanovich

We have transformed an unused strip of greenery and vegetation into an attractive park with a cycle point and kiosk. Because the place is of historical importance, the Municipality Office will not be moved but its capacities will be extended by connecting the buildings with a new modern building where a modifiable meeting room is located. The community centre has been complemented with an open garden of the Municipal Office, and services of the village have been cultivated with a new fire station and service centre.