New Cemetery in Černošice New Cemetery in Černošice

New Cemetery in Černošice

We have designed a dignified resting place and public area of the cemetery park: its design stems from and is based on natural settings of mildly sloping land. The cemetery is designed as a landscape area with trees and surrounding bushes isolating it from general functions of the place (the sports area is separated by walls of columbariums) and opening towards an open space.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Juan Pablo Labbé

The designed enclave in the landscape follows the natural slope of the terrain and configuration of the surrounding area. The area of the entire cemetery is open, well-arranged and structured freely only with groups of trees: however, visitors can still find some quiet corners for individual or small group meditation there. The areas of respective columbarium sections in the western part of the cemetery delineated by walls with urns and vegetation are as intimate as are the corners in the functional vegetation areas of the cemetery in the north and south of the graveyard; these areas strive to maintain their landscaping and intimate nature following the forest vegetation in the north. The landscape and the distant horizon in the north and east open parts of the cemetery's perimeter help create the atmosphere of this place.

Architectural parts of the cemetery (gate, entry and service buildings, paths and tracks, consolidated areas in columbariums and scattering area, benches and lighting fixtures) as well as its vegetation are designed taking account of investment and operational efficiency. The landscape of the cemetery and configuration of respective types of graves optimize the rainwater regime – they eliminate rain wash in case of storm rainfalls and resulting drought: this leads to minimised carbon footprint and costs of vegetation maintenance not only in summer.