New Cemetery in Černošice New Cemetery in Černošice

New Cemetery in Černošice

In our project for a new cemetery in Černošice, we have designed a dignified resting place for the public. Its design stems from its natural setting and of the mildly sloping site – the landscape design for the cemetery area includes a range of trees offering privacy from its surroundings and the adjacent sports area is separated by the walls of the columbarium.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Juan Pablo Labbé
Kseniya Bahdanovich

The landscaping of the cemetery follows the slope of the site, with the pathways naturally following its terrain – the materials natural and bright, with trees which loosely define different areas and provide visitors with quiet places for time alone, or with others. The columbarium area in the western part of the cemetery is delineated by a series of walls with urns which form semi-enclosed spaces. Similarly to the rest of the site, vegetation forms a key part of providing intimacy and providing a natural atmosphere.

The architectural elements of the cemetery include the main entrance gate, service buildings, pathways, the columbarium and a range of outdoor furniture and lighting, which not only seek to be beautiful elements, but are designed with their construction and operational efficiency in mind. The landscape of the cemetery and the configuration of other materials optimize the rainwater flow and collection across the site, helping to eliminate flooding by heavy rainfall and conserving water to avoid drought. This holistic design leads to a minimised carbon footprint and the maintenance costs of the landscape.