Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín

Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín

The north-eastern part of the town of Bohumín is bordered by agricultural land which includes the floodplain of the Olše and Odra rivers. The area is problematic because of its hydrogeology, where a subterranean river lies, and the site is hard to reach because it is situated between existing urban areas. The current format proves to be an obstacle to local development and a barrier between the eastern and western parts of the city – therefore the MS Plan studio created a regulatory plan for the regeneration and accessibility of the area.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký
Adéla Macháčková

In designing the site, we set out to create an urban oasis – a composed landscape with colourful nature and a walking circuit, which is connected to the city by several routes. In the northern and southern parts of the site, we proposed various habitats including wetlands, complemented by furniture, piers and bridges. The central area consists of land art of two hills, which will enrich the flat character of the site – the hills and the open space between them will be accompanied by gazebos and shelters for recreation and relaxation. The southern tip of the city will be improved by the planting of greenery, which it is currently lacking, and a cycle path on the northern side of the park which will connect the eastern and western parts of Bohumín. The individual entrances to the park will offer visitors differing views of the dynamic composition of land art, water areas and flowering meadows lining the site just a few steps from the city centre.

The planned project arose from a business competition for an urban study, which was won in 2015 by the MS plan studio. The implementation of the project has been approached in several complex stages and begun last year with the construction of a half-kilometre cycle path, including a new arched footbridge over the Flakůvka stream. The cost of this stage to the city was 12.7 million crowns. The first and second stages of the future park will begin in Bohumín this autumn, during a period of dormancy, when earthworks will begin. The budgeted costs are 20 million crowns, of which almost 12 million crowns will come from a subsidy funded by the ‘Environmental Operational Program’. The completion of the programme is planned for the end of 2020 – the city is not yet preparing the third stage for implementation, as it must first resolve the purchase of the land.