Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín

Na Panském Forest Park, Bohumín

In the north-east, Bohumín is lined by the farm land in the active zone of floodplain of the Olše and Odra Rivers. The area problematic in terms of hydrogeology with a dead channel of the river is currently unused. The entire south tip of the territory enters the urban structure as a hardly accessible inner periphery being a barrier preventing local development and an obstacle between eastern and western part of the city. The building plan for recovery and ensuring accessibility of the entire area was designed by MS plan

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký
Adéla Macháčková

We are converting complicated area below the meander of the river into an attractive zone – composed landscape, diversified natural park connected with the city by several paths and a walking track. In the north and south parts, regulated biotopes with wetlands are designed complemented with wooden furniture, piers and bridges. The central part is created by the land art of two uphills enriching flat character of the locality. Gazebos and small shelters to relax and have a rest will be situated on uphills and in an open area between them. The southern tip will be separated from the busy city by vivacious vegetation, and eastern and western parts of Bohumín will be connected by bike path in the north of the forest park. Respective accesses to the natural park will offer its visitors changing views of the dynamic land art composition, water areas and blooming meadows around the forest park just a few steps from the city centre.

The project in progress arose from the tender in 2015 won by MS plan and an urban study designed by this studio. The project is implemented in several complex stages. It started last year with the construction of more than half a kilometre bike path through the forest park. The city invested CZK 12.7 million in its implementation. A new arched footbridge over the Flakůvka stream is a part of the bike path. The first and second stages of the planned forest park in Bohumín will be initiated in autumn this year, i.e. in the period of vegetative rest when excavation work is intended to start. The budget amounts to CZK 20 million. The municipality obtained funds for these stages from the Operational programme “Environment” in the amount of up to CZK 12 million. These stages are scheduled to be completed at the end of 2020. The third stage has not been prepared so far. It is necessary to purchase lands first. Now they are the property of the state forest enterprise, Lesy ČR.