The Dvorecký Bridge The Dvorecký Bridge

The Dvorecký Bridge

The task of the architectural and urban design competition we entered was to design a new bridge over the Vltava River to enhance the transport connections at Smíchov and Pankrác on both sides of the river.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Milan Ševčík
Pavel Hřebecký

On the south side of the river is an urban built-up area where we have designed more than a transport link, it is “a gateway to the city” connecting two important areas for leisure activities with natural localities – Podolí and Žluté Lázně (Yellow Spa) with Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys. The design of the Dvorecký Bridge complements Prague’s skyline between Vyšehrad and Prague Castle. The dynamic concept of the bridge mirrors the river below with one bridge pier protruding like a river boulder and supporting four asymmetric arches of an imaginary “entanglement”. Here and there, the arches twist and bend down to touch the bridge deck. Due to its functional design, the bridge becomes a piece of land art possessing the nature of an organic structure with a different appearance from different angles – it changes like the flowing river below, with the sloping wave-like deck of the bridge connecting both banks.