New Žižkov Centre New Žižkov Centre

New Žižkov Centre

New Žižkov will be built east of Želivského Street – partially on the ground floor of the freight depot. The structure of the surrounding built-up area, layout of street network and the position of the industrial monument place the virtual centre of the district under construction at the intersection of Želivského and Olšanská Streets. The ground plan of the north-west quadrant of the intersection is delimited for construction. The south corner of this quadrant borders Olšany Cemeteries; it follows the neighbouring buildings in the west, and closes the designed strip of vegetation and spare-time activities skirting the northern boundary of cemeteries from the church of St. Rochus.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Alexandr Verner
Tomáš Filgas
Simona Pacáková

Our design stems from the “tension” and contrast of the surrounding green area, street profiles and buildings of Žižkov Freight Railway Station. The nature of the centre represents the balance between the “stone” face of the city and natural environment. Four interconnected verticals complement significantly horizontal principle of the surrounding buildings. They release the area of the site furnishing for vegetation and public space for spare-time activities enriching the same with a large and purposeful water area - its retention function will enhance stability of the rainfall water in wider area. Maximum urban amenities combined with a vital public space will offer inhabitants of upper Žižkov relaxation, spare-time activities and all qualities of city life - one face of the centre enhances the other and vice versa.