Nová Landahouska apartment building Nová Landahouska apartment building

Nová Landahouska apartment building

A functional yet poetic architectural solution defines our design of the Nová Landhauska apartment building in Vršovice, Prague which aims to deliver good value. Mortiz Gröbe materialized his idea of paradise on earth on a hillside over Botič – villas surrounded by vineyards, a magical park and century old trees. Learning from Gröbe’s traditional forms, the pair of buildings on the corner of Košická and U Vršovického Nádraží streets will help define the character of the surrounding area.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Tomáš Filgas
Simona Matoušková

The taller of the two building volumes on the site, which contains the standard apartments and is called Aligoté, is rooted in its environment being set into the slope of the undulating site. This part of the development is made up of contrasting materials and takes reference from Aligoté, one of grape varieties originally grown in the nearby vineyard. The integration of the form and character of this plant is incorporated in the facade of the building in various ways, integrating the building into the surrounding street and landscape.

The contrasting form of the second volume which contains the higher standard apartments is an exclusive glass prism called Pinot, exposed in a distinct and attractive form, it closes the street line masterfully like a grape on a grape bush. It provides views of the vineyard, roofs of Vršovice houses, skyline of Vyšehrad, the opposite bank of the Vltava River, Dívčí hrady (Maidens' Castles), and Michle ridge towards the Hostivař dam.

The rich architectural details in the case of Pinot and more modest in the case of Aligoté represent an aesthetic variation of the plants. Filigreed wrought-iron railings and subtle details refer to the nearby vineyards and park and the contextual and robust façade of Aligoté follows the street form, anchoring the new development to the surrounding area.