Kryštof English School Kryštof English School

Kryštof English School

Kryštof School is an international school for children ages 2 to 7 located in Strašnice, Prague. The school site comprises playful architecture set within a green garden with a playground that is an oasis of creativity.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Martin Studnička

Our urban solution was based on the physical conditions of the site located near the Prague city ring road. The street which it is located on is visually and acoustically isolated from the adjacent busy expressway by a sound barrier. The building has been designed so the garden behind is also protected by the building acoustically, whilst not overshadowing it.

The architectural expression of the building is highlighted by the varied colours of its façade which are vivid and playful. Our design strived to enhance connection with nature and create an inspiring environment for the children. The different functions of the building are defined by three volumes, which are united by their pitched roof and colourful façades. The classrooms are located on the ground floor, whereby rooms for staff are located on the first floor. In front of the main building, a number of smaller volumes are situated containing ancillary spaces and services which are constructed with green roofs and an aluminium façade facing the main road. Transitional spaces in the centre of the building are used as an entrance area and a coat room for children with a vertical structure connecting these three volumes into one unit. Laths made of cement-bonded fibreboards in the colour of the façade divide the façade vertically creating fine ribbing. The fascia, window surrounds and sills, flashing, drains and vertical downpipes are made of titanzinc sheet.