Our design of revitalization of a part of Žďár nad Sázavou near the city centre won the architectural and urban competition

The locality near the city centre lacks quality public space and appropriate city infrastructure. Our design specifies development of the city infrastructure in respective steps based on the needs of the city and its inhabitants and creates appropriate conditions for housing and new job opportunities. The new architectural and urban solution is based on a balanced and open combination of multi-purpose open areas, shops, services and premises for social and cultural activities and hobbies for children in the active parterre, housing, job opportunities, business premises and small-scale non-disturbing production and residential and relaxation public space.


The design is an active response to climatic change. Regulation of the rooftop landscape - mostly flat roofs - contributes to consistent rainfall water management: green roofs accumulate rain water that is subsequently used for surrounding tree and vegetation watering. So called blue-green-grey systems combine management infrastructure and rainfall water; areas that can be used for vegetation planting and pedestrian and cycle paths as well as vehicle transport service.


A new centre of the locality - the square and market hall - are designed in the centre of the locality, at the place of present disorganized parking place Reduced transport will increase safety and the arrangement of vegetation, full-grown trees and water elements will make up almost homely atmosphere A part of the locality in the north will be improved by a new profile of the Studentská Street and enhanced with a pleasant line of trees along the length of the street. Similarly, Neumannova Street that has been more the motorway along the car park in the west section will be transformed into a real street and gain urban nature. The part in the south articulates a dignified area in front of the cemetery designed as a small square enriched with water areas. Revitalization of the locality will also improve the area in front of the primary school and transform it into the quality public place with a touch of vegetation and interactive playing elements. The part in the west located in front of the compact line of shops and service establishments will be complemented with new threes and vegetation refreshing the area of the “arterial road”


New created structure of the public space is the framework of the multi-functional buildings that will provide new apartments and job opportunities. Depending on demographic situation, suitable ground floor premises intended for services will be used for example for a kindergarten, medical office, fitness centre, small-scale non-disturbing manufacturing plant or travel agency. New businesses - business premises and job opportunities - will become “anchors” of the area motivating other generations of residents, businessmen and employees to enter the locality and systematically support local development. Combination of new and revitalized buildings - “adaptive re-use” - together with the attractive public space will support versatile development of the locality and the city as well. The main aspects of the designed concept include the ability of the newly built locality continuously adjust to changing needs and possibilities of the city, its inhabitants and business sector, together with economic feasibility of its construction development.


The active parterre is consists of premises available to public - usually shops, services, cultural facilities (galleries, clubs), facilities for children and hobbies on the ground floor of buildings following open public areas of streets, squares and parks. The active parterre is an inseparable part of the urban public space.