In the hands of our team of architects, the long-closed Sixt Palace on the Old Town Square comes to life

Take a look with us behind the curtain of one of the most interesting reconstructions of historical buildings in Prague in the last few decades. Our team including Gabriela Hančíková, Pavel Hřebecký, Lucie Jančaříková, Vítek Pavelec, Henrieta Richnavská, Martin Studnička and Michal Šourek, transforms eight dilapidated, historically valuable buildings of the Sixt Palace on the Old Town Square into a grand hotel through a sensitive reconstruction.   


The gates of the long inaccessible complex will finally open to the public and Praguers and hotel guests using the restaurants, spas, conference rooms, bars and luxury apartments will be able to appreciate the preserved original architectural features.  


Photo author: AKROTERION s.r.o. / Rani Tolimat