A look back at the successful Real Estate Market 2019 held by Stavební fórum

There are few new apartments in Prague and their prices have already exceeded the magical limit of CZK “100,000” per square meter! Anyone who would like to have a bit more roomy office premises has to wait no less than two years! The supply of logistic areas is poor and there is no speculative development!! At present, investors buy real estate at the stage of drawings, i.e. they pay for something that has not been built yet! There was more than enough similar knowledge and information at the traditional conference by Stavební fórum, REM Autumn 2019, held on October 17 at the Grandior Hotel in Prague; and in general, they provided relatively accurate picture of the current real estate situation in the Czech Republic apparently having positive as well as negative features.


Read the full article by Petr Bým – editor-in-chief of the Stavební fórum magazine HERE.