Revitalization of the neglected park, Střed (Centre) in Most has been designed by our studio

The park in the inner periphery of the city has been affected by the ravages of time and the unique genius loci of the then sought-after city park remains only in minds of the local people. Restoration of the original atmosphere together with contemporary complementation and reduction of operating costs are the way of returning life to the park. Rather than make massive interventions in configuration our design is based on sensitive restoration creating an attractive public space enriched with three interactive playgrounds for children, fitness areas, amphitheatre with a variable roof and a coffee bar with an outdoor terrace in the vicinity of the cascade. Entrances to the park are interconnected by a network of paths, a promenade and a bike path. Adding new to the existing trees will turn the area into a city forest park where the arrangement of the furniture creates picturesque semi-private areas. Although the panel of experts did not award any prize to our revitalization design, we believe that citizens in Most would appreciate our sensitive revitalization of once-popular Střed park.