We proposed a sensitive revitalization for the village square in Bašť

In a recent project we completed a sensitive revitalization for the village square of Bašť which included creating a new centre for the village in our design. The most important aspect of the village square is its multi-purpose nature, which provides opportunities for organizing various cultural events, seasonal markets, exhibitions, and concerts in the open air.


We designed the plan for the village with a pair of apartment buildings where residents and visitors will find cafes, restaurants, shops, and services. The plan also includes a new building for a primary school which complements the sympathetic public space of the village square with a well-thought-out and functional layout where we divided the building into four blocks complemented by green atriums.


The regenerated village square is accompanied by a listed Baroque granary, which is sensitively conserved in our design and adapted to the needs of the municipal office. An integral part of the design is a strategically planned hub for transport including new public space. The new plan helps the municipality assist with combating climate change and contributes to rainwater management, through water permeable paving, new greenery and green roofs on buildings which collect water to be used for irrigation in the village square and surroundings.