Aviary La Pampa in Ostrava Zoo Aviary La Pampa in Ostrava Zoo

Aviary La Pampa in Ostrava Zoo

The La Pampa aviary is the largest continuous exhibition in the Ostrava Zoo and Botanical Park. Visitors can enter it and enjoy the immediate vicinity of the animals. The aviary was designed as a symbolic connection of three areas of Argentina: Espinal, Monte and Pampa with different climates and vegetation. Thanks to the close cooperation of architects, builders and zoologists, it was possible to create a unique environment that is both attractive to visitors to the Ostrava Zoo and favorable to its winged inhabitants. The peculiar aviary is home to a flock of raven condors, gray-winged ibises, yellow-billed periwinkles, bronze-winged ducks, American sandpipers and one representative of mammals.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Adéla Macháčková

The elegant, light and airy morphology of the aviary consists of a custom-designed load-bearing structure of a sophisticated system of columns and rods, based on micropiles. The supporting system is followed by seemingly levitating, almost invisible walls and roofing formed by a stainless steel braided net.

A winding trail leads through the aviary, bringing visitors almost within reach of the birds, but at the same time it passes and does not disturb their quiet zones. The trail is lined with rich greenery, stone hills and wetlands, where birds feel at home. The aviary is accessible to visitors, including families with children and people with reduced mobility through two barrier-free entrances from the southeast and southwest. Part of the inner area of ​​the aviary is the so-called parking aviary, which is used to capture and subsequently divide the birds into individual indoor quarters according to breeding requirements and specifics. The southern façade of the inner aviary consists of stone blocks resembling a rock formation, which is a resting zone for birds. The composition of the greenery is designed to be as reminiscent of the character of the South American pampas and local wetlands.


The La Pampa aviary won the prestigious CNN Prima NEWS public award in the Construction of the Year 2021 competition.