Červený Dvůr Residence Červený Dvůr Residence

Červený Dvůr Residence

Designed by MS Architects studio in Malešice, Prague, Červený Dvůr residence is built amongst the villas of the first Republic in the quiet city district. The construction of the new apartment building started in March 2018 near the K Červenému dvoru and Pod Třebešínem crossroad.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Alexandr Verner
Blanka Součková
Matěj Škapa

Veronika Opletalová, Michal Šourek and Alexandr Verner, the architects, brought traditional architectural form to the place respecting its architectural character and creating smart, purely geometric substance clearly arranging the place and highlighting its exclusivity. As most of the villas in its surroundings, Červený dvůr has three compact floors followed by twice recessed fourth and fifth floors. Material of the residence at its base part formally follows neighbouring villas – by using light grey and white colours on the first three floors and dark colours on two upper floors the architects supported geometric form of the new, clearly defined and sophisticated building.

At present, shell construction has been completed and the project is planned to be finished in autumn 2019. Červený Dvůr will provide 15 generously sized passive apartments: 2+ kitchen and bathroom to 6+ kitchen and bathroom from 71 to 188 square meters. Terraces, balconies and large windows let in enough daylight to interiors of all apartments. The plot is dominated by a hundred years old cedar tree which is an inseparable part of Červený Dvůr.