New Quarter Na Vackově New Quarter Na Vackově

New Quarter Na Vackově

Vackov, surrounded by Žižkov Freight Railway Station on one side and Židovské pece Park on the other, is a unique area in the context of the entire city of Prague. Here, the run-down inner periphery of the city will be transformed into a compete residential quarter with a public space in several stages. Vackov borders Židovské pece Park in the north, Malešická street in the south, and the brownfiled of Žižkov Freight Railway Station is situated behind this street. In the east, Vackov is connected with the existing villa and apartment building quarter.

Projektový tým
Michal Šourek
Pavel Hřebecký
Martin Studnička
Alexandr Verner
Michal Ryšavý

In these conditions, we have designed a new architectural and urban structure dividing Vackov into various neighbourhoods and creating passages between local areas and buildings. Our master plan used to build a new Vackov quarter determines the structure of the public space and the nature of respective localities. Zones B and D in the north-east are connected to the original villa quarter in the east.

Zone B consists of 11 apartment buildings arranged around the open inner courtyards. The Street of Olga Havlová – a backbone of the locality – is a connection to the zone D2 consisting of 11 apartment buildings: these create smaller semi-closed inner courtyards based on “low rise, high density” principle. Public areas in this group are characterized by full-grown vegetation and geometrically arranged undeveloped and undevelopable areas. Zone D1 consists of three five-storey villas. Their rounded forms are in line with surrounding buildings. These villas were built in order to create a peaceful oasis isolated from busy streets.

Construction of the zone A is in progress at present: it is connected to the Žižkov Railway Station where a new residential district with long awaited amenities will be built in future. Zone A consists of three residential units and a square, the imaginary centre of Vackov: basic amenities and dynamic public space will be present at Vackov as well ensuring its independence from still uncertain development of the freight railway station. Zone A1 - the westernmost part of Vackov - consists of five buildings including amenities on the main floor built on the common platform of underground parking connected to the Street of Olga Havlová.

The buildings of zone A1 are not arranged in a single street mass but recede from the street line in a typical (a)symmetry. Most of apartments feature spacious balconies or loggias, on the ground floor, apartments are connected to terraces and gardens with edges articulating the street line unconventionally. In Vackov, we have created an impressive unit with a unified concept and different architectural approaches in respective areas shaped by semi-private and public spaces for quality life in wider area of Prague’s centre.