You are kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition in Tišnov of designs entered in the architectural and urban planning competition of Revitalization of the Local Peace Square (náměstí Míru)

Starting on 19 March 2020, you will be able to have a look at our architectural and urban solution interconnecting public spaces of different nature and purpose that are separated at present into one compact centre. Using attractive architectural forms we highlight the safe and welcoming public space of the square as a favourite place for leisure activities and meetings of local people and visitors of the town. To help the steep land of the square, a staircase with places for sitting to have a rest was designed. The line of full-grown threes provides shadowed shelter in hot days and highlights important viewing axes. The square is dominated by a new cross statue in the southern part where the historical statute used to be located previously. In the design, the southern part of the square is complemented with an apartment building. Selected architectural forms represent harmony between the history and life in 21st century. A newly built passage with a café and wine bar as well as other urban amenities will connect this revitalized square with the area behind the office building where intimate corners of semi-public area are designed. The northern part of the square is connected to the street of the Peace Square with a staircase. A new profile of the wide main street offering sufficient space for front gardens and parking places will be closed by a new multifunctional building. Internal premises can be used for business, culture and social life development; galleries, community hall, library, restaurants, stores and the like. Complex revitalization and square enrichment create a dynamic public space, cultural event venue and, first of all, an attractive meeting place.


For details on the opening of the exhibition see tisnov.cz