Our design for the Červený Dvůr residence won 3rd place in prestigious competition

In the Best of Realty competition, in the category of small-scale residential projects, the Červený Dvůr residence won. The jury was impressed by the sensitive architectural solution respecting the surrounding buildings including the use of environmentally friendly technologies for the operation of the new residential building. Architects Veronika Opletalová, Michal Šourek and Alexandr Verner designed an elegant and contextual apartment building located alongside the villas of the First Republic in Prague's Strašnice, which completes the character of the locality and cultivates the intersection of Pod Třebešínem and K Červeného Dvoru.


The apartment building has three compact floors, which are followed by recessed fourth and fifth floors with large terraces. The development offers 15 energy-passive, airy and bright apartments with generous layouts from 2kk to 6kk with sizes ranging from 71 square meters to 188 square meters including garage parking in the basement. Energy conservation was key in building’s design -controlled ventilation and heat recovery provides a comfortable indoor environment and a new generation heat pump is used to heat hot water, providing water heating using heat from the exhaust air from individual apartments. The generated waste heat is therefore recycled and safely used a second time.