Michal Šourek wrote: Industrialize the Architectural Profession at Last

The architectural profession operates in an extremely competitive environment today—and it can't cope. The consequence is socioeconomic problems for architects, the devastation of the branch, and substandard performance that affects the protected interests of individuals and the public interest. Virtual public space and, in particular, virtual reality environments and technologies are bringing the architectural profession to the brink of a revolution. It promises to optimize the processes of architectural design and the planning of the building that makes architecture material and to upgrade the level of quality of the results achieved. Is the profession ready for such a revolution; is it ripe for it?


Is it coping with the current situation, which is different from the conditions and environment in which the architect was the sovereign creator of the summum templum architecturae? Can it use the technological revolution to overcome the longstanding problems and establish a new professional paradigm that renders necessary for the regeneration of the profession and for promoting the sustainability of life on Earth?


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