Photoreport: MS architekti as the main partner at the Construction Forum Conference: REM Spring 2019

On 20 March 2019, REM Spring 2019 Conference of the Construction Forum took place discussing the following topics: real estate investments and legislation in 2019, housing for 21st century, real estate market and new technologies. MS architekti was the main partner of the event.

“While a German can buy an apartment for four or five annual salaries, an average Czech has to save money for an average apartment for almost 12 years!” – Vladimír Pikora, the economic expert, said at REM Spring 2019. And, as usual, a lot of other information was provided on the dismal condition of the Czech housing market at this Conference. But at the same time, many of Conference participants talked about a kind of light at the end of rather scary housing tunnel.


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