The following was published on Earch.cz: Červený dvůr residential building was designed by MS architekti under a hundred-year-old cedar tree

Veronika Opletalová, Michal Šourek and Alexandr Verner have designed Červený dvůr, the residential building in the environment of the first-republic villas in Strašnice, Prague. The architecture of the apartment building complements the nature of the locality and improves the crossroad of Pod Těšínem and K Červenému dvoru streets. This apartment building has three compact floors and recessed fourth and fifth floors witch large terraces. The building will attract the attention of people walking around with its smart and pleasant to look at design. Morphology of this apartment building is supported by façade colours: recessed top floors in dark brown colour are separated from a united light colour substance of the first three floors.


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